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About Me

Introduction: The purpose of this blog is to provide high-level insight on the current meta for League of Legends and offer advice and tips on how to climb solo queue. “Elo Hell” has been a term coined to describe the extreme difficulties that most players face when trying to climb out of Bronze/Silver/Gold. Hopefully the tips and game knowledge this site provides will help players overcome this challenge and reach their individual goals.

Summoner Name: NA Server: “ButtaBrain”

LoL Experience: The past few seasons, I’ve been hovering between high-Diamond and Masters. I average 2000+ games a season playing on my main account, along with my side accounts.

Gaming Experience + Background: I’ve been playing LoL since Season 3. Before that, I was a Starcraft II pro with the alias “Fierytycoon”, and was Grandmasters on the NA server for 8+ seasons. I also play Counter Strike: GO and have reached Global Elite/ESEA-Main.

Contact Info: Email me at buttabrain@gmail.com or post a comment.