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Aurelion Sol [God Tier Mid] – Similar to Twisted Fate, this champion has huge global pressure with his (or is it her?) E and even better wave-clear (might be best level 1 wave-clear in the game). Anyone facing him usually has the mindset of just trying to last hit the creeps before they reach the tower because of how fast this champ can push. Enemy bot lanes WILL underestimate this champ’s roam potential and as a result will often fall super behind from a good Sol that constantly roams. Also note, he has probably the best level 1 champion in the game despite his stars being visible while in a bush so lvl 1 invading when this champion is on your team is probably a good idea. For some reason he also has had a 55% win rate in the jungle for the last 3 patches now but I have honestly never seen a single Aurelion Sol jungle in any of my 2000+ games played this season so I have no comment on this regard.

Pro: Strong level 1, early waveclear, roaming potential

Con: Falls off late


Yasuo [God Tier  Mid + Top] – This champion is ridic strong this season with the new phantom dancer which is the perfect first item for him (better than statikk shiv in previous seasons) and the fervor mastery which allows Yasuo players to run full IAS runes (on both marks and quints) and do ridiculous damage. His win-rate has only recently skyrocketed this patch but hes been god tier all season. This champion is a lane bully that hard-counters a huge number of champions at the moment when played right. Coming from experience, hes also a champion that can easily comeback from a 0-1 deficit and solo kill you in lane which most champions usually don’t have the luxury of doing. There are currently tons of boosters and yasuo one-tricks that completely dominate 90% of the games they play.

Pro: Super strong laning phase, Huge comeback potential when behind

Con: Hard to play, Hard to teamfight if teammates have no knockups


Nidalee + Graves[God Tier Jungle] – I want to talk about these 2 champions together because they are god tiers for similar reasons. Both of them are very strong primarily because of their farm-speed and ability to stay very healthy in the jungle as well. This allows them the option to invade the enemy jungler to counter-jungle, gank a lane, or simply power farm with their sustain. The good Nidalee and Graves players will find what option is best for them in the exact scenario they are in and gain huge leads as a result. On the contrary, the weaker tier champions like Warwick and Nocturne are very 1 dimensional. They will generally power farm till 6 and from there, gank the most pushed up lane. Unfortunately, this repetitive strategy doesn’t separate the good players from the bad and the players playing these champions all end up struggling to climb with them. Nidalee and Graves are particularly strong right now, but I think its due to the flexibility they have to either farm, invade, or gank, which is a good thing because it emphasizes the power of decision-making skills as a jungler.

Pro: Fast clear speed with high health, Can counter-jungle, scales well

Con: Bad ganks


Kha’zix[God Tier Jungle] – It’s hard to decide whether Kha’zix deserves to be god tier or whether he is just another tier 1 jungler. Everyone sorta knows, this champion can really snowball hard, but on the same token, he becomes irrelevant and falls behinds much more easily than other junglers in his tier.  He also has less ganking power than junglers like Gragas and Rek’sai because he lacks the cc. However, after seeing so many Kha’zix mains and smurfs climb effortlessly with this champion this season, there must be some god in this bug.

Pro: Ridiculous mid game damage, Snowballs hard

Con: Falls behind easily, Really useless unless played well


Akali[God Tier Top + Tier 1 Mid] – Akali snowballs harder than just about anyone. If you get 1-2 kills with assassin-type champions like  zed or leblanc, you’re usually not going to be able to effortless brute force and dive your laning opponent to secure the next one. Unlike those champs, an ahead Akali doesn’t need to land hard skillshots or wait for her ult to be up. She just charges at the enemy and collects kills and it’s her raw stats that make her so easy to climb with especially in low elo. Hence, despite assassins generally going mid, I’ve seen the most success come out of her in the top lane this season.

Pro: Snowballs super duper hard, has built in sustainability (almost no assassin has this)

Con: Doesn’t bring any utility/tankiness to teamfights


Fiora[God Tier Top] – I admittedly never played reworked fiora so I could be ranking her too highly on this list because I don’t know how well she does in the typical top matchups. However, the sheer amount of times I have seen a Fiora comeback and win 1v1 duels while with a gold deficit as well as the many times she has successfully won a 1v2  or 1v3 fight leads me to think she’s an extremely strong carry pick right now despite not being picked too often in pro level games.

Pro: She is the grand duelist, Has comeback potential when behind

Con: Does have tough matchups


Illaoi[God Tier Top] – Every top laner that has to lane against this champion ends up complaining about how broken Illaoi is after losing to her. Similar to fiora,if this champ gets slightly ahead, she has the potential to take on an entire squad all by herself. Her kit is also super abusive especially those who aren’t too familiar with the champion and everyone always underestimates how tanky she is

Pro: Strong kit, Can 1vX, people don’t know how to deal with champ

Con: Often screwed if skillshots miss and not enough tentacles around


Soraka[God Tier Support] -It’s quite hard for me to put this banana thrower on the pedestal as the one and only god tier support despite being repeatedly nerfed. However, she is still one of the most oppressive supports to go up against and her winrate is still as high as ever. She is also one of the only supports if not the only one that has a global ult that can really tip a fight from across the map to her team’s favor.

Pro: Always baits the enemy team by healing low teammates

Con: Often gets picked off, Heal too much and get low on HP yourself

No God Tiers for ADC–  Yea, it’s boring to not have a champion rule them all on the tier list but there simply isn’t an AD carry everyone is dying to pick right now that gives them some sort of huge advantage. It used to be Jhin, and perhaps Ashe but both were nerfed this patch (more so Jhin than Ashe). If I had to keep my eye out on the next champion everyone declares broken, I would definitely watch out for Kog’Maw because this champion just obliterates health bars if not attended to.

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