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Whats the most overrated summoner spell being used?

Answer: ignite

Here are the reasons why:

1. Half the time ignite is overkill

Have you ever asked yourself after killing someone with your combo + ignite, whether you actually needed the ignite to get the kill in the first place? I sure have, and I’ve been asking myself this question every time it’s been used by me or against me. It’s quite obvious after re-evaluating these instances in my mind or through my replays that I waste ignite almost half the time. Perhaps I simply suck at using it, or perhaps it’s just a very hard judgement call to make. The damage on ignite only does a small fraction of someone’s health and often times equates to the damage done from only 1-2 auto attacks or abilities. With your split-second combos on champions like Zed and Ahri, you never know exactly how many abilities you will land on your opponent. This is why you never truly know whether ignite is needed or not, so it’s used as a safety precaution in order to finish off the enemy no matter what – even if it’s often overkill.

2. Half the time ignite isn’t enough

On the opposite side of the spectrum, ignite just isn’t enough to kill sometimes and is hence wasted. The fact of the matter is that there is only a very small window where ignite is useful. It does 70 to 410 damage depending on your champion level. At level 6, when assassin-type champions that take ignite get their explosive combos, ignite does 170 damage. If the enemy has 1000 health at level 6, ignite is only mathematically necessary if the amount of damage you do with your combo without ignite is between 830 to 999 damage. Do any more damage and ignite is overkill. Do any less and its not enough.

3. It can only be used offensively

Ignite makes you do a bit more burst damage (17% of the enemy’s health from our above example) and that’s it. Almost all the other summoner spells aid you defensively as well as offensively. Flash and ghost are self-explanatory and allow you to go both in and out of a fight. Exhaust can be used offensively because it slows down the enemy movement speed by 40% and lowers their resistances by 10 (at level 6 this allows you to effectively chunk the enemy’s health by 7% – that’s around 40% of the damage ignite does). It can also be used defensively too, because it reduces the enemy’s damage dealt by 40% and provides a slow. The health that heal provides is usually used defensively to survive and escape, but the extra movement speed it gives can also be used to catch an opponent. Knowing you have heal or barrier can also give you the assurance necessarily to go aggressive in situations where you otherwise might have played it safe.

4. Its easy to forget using

Though I hate this reason, ignite is simply a harder spell to use, and unless you are very experienced with the champion you are playing, you will often times forget to use ignite and miss opportunities when it could have granted you a kill. Ignite requires you to click on the enemy champion and often times this can throw you off just enough to barely miss a skill-shot you would have otherwise hit. Summoners like heal and barrier are much easier and more instinctive to use. The moment your taking damage and are low in health, you just hit that D or F key.

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